Magalhães, Magallanes, Magellan: Magellan in Philippine History through Philippine Historians

On 4th December 2019, the Embassy of the Philippines in Lisbon promoted a Conference with the participation of five of the most eminent scholars from the Philippines, intended to debate the journey and role of Ferdinand Magellan from the Filipino point of view. It took place at the Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa and it was a rare occasion to show the Filipino perspective about one of the most famous events of World History to the Portuguese public.

The Program:

  • Dr. Rene Escalante, Chairman of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines – Magellan and the Quincentennial commemorations in the Philippines
  • Dr. Francis M. Navarro,  Department of History, Ateneo de Manila University – Philippines at the time of arrival of Magellan
  • Dr. Felice Noelle Rodriguez, Ateneo de Zamboanga University – The Malay World Magellan Stepped into: Melaka and Cebu, Trading, Raiding and Interconnections
  • Dr. Danilo Gerona, Magellan Studies Center, Partido State University, Camarines Sur – Magellan and the Battle of Mactan
  • Dr. Ambeth R. Ocampo, Department of History, School of Social Sciences, Ateneo de Manila University – Remembering Magellan in the last five centuries

The Conference; final statements by Celia Anna M. Feria, Philippine Ambassador to Portugal, Dr. René Escalante, Chairman of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, Dr. Felice Noelle Rodriguez, Professor at Ateneo de Zamboanga University and Paulo Pinto, CHAM, NOVA FCSH (from CHAM’s YouTube Channel)

The Filipino guest academics talked to the Portuguese media on the occasion of the Conference, namely to the Diário de Notícias Portuguese newspaper (3rd December 2019).

(photo Diário de Notícias)