Portuguese edition of José Rizal’s “Noli me Tangere”

The works of José Rizal, as well as his biography and importance in the Filipino  History and Culture, are unknown in Portugal, so his intellectual profile and relevance remains largely ignored by the Portuguese public.

A Portuguese edition of Rizal’s seminal novel Noli me Tangere has been prepared under the coordination of Paulo Jorge de Sousa Pinto and Isabel Araújo Branco. Álex Tarradellas Gordo and Rita Custódio were the translators,  using the original and later editions in Spanish.

The translation of this book is made possible by the Philippine Embassy in Portugal, with the support of Senator Franklin M. Drilon

Penguin Books (Portugal) is the publisher, who included the work in the “Penguin Classics” collection. It is available for sale here.

Photos of the launch session here.