a visit to CHAM – Centro de Humanidades

On 2nd December 2019, the Board of CHAM – Centro de Humanidades (NOVA FCSH) had the privilege and the pleasure to receive, in Colégio Almada Negreiros at the NOVA campus in Campolide, the group of five Filipino scholars who came to Portugal to participate in the Conference  Magalhães, Magallanes, Magellan. They were guided into the facilities of CHAM by the Philippine Ambassador to Portugal, Celia Anna M. Feria and some members of the Embassy staff.

The group was received by João Paulo Oliveira e Costa, João de Figueirôa-Rêgo and Luís M. Bernardo, Director and Vice-Directors of CHAM’s Board, who welcomed the guests and toured them to the Library Vitorino Magalhães Godinho and other parts of the historical Colégio Almada Negreiros building.

An exchange of gifts and a working meeting followed, where all the participants expressed their satisfaction for the occasion as an opportunity to promote contacts between Portuguese and Filipino scholars and to develop future collaborative projects.

from left to right: downstairs, João de Figueirôa-Rêgo and Luís M. Bernardo, Dr. Rene Escalante, Ambassador Celia Anna M. Feria; upstairs, Dr. Francis M. Navarro, Dr. Ambeth R. Ocampo, Dr. Danilo Gerona and Dr. Felice Noelle Rodriguez

João Paulo Oliveira e Costa and Ambassador Celia Anna M. Feria

the working meeting