Early Modern Philippines, a Global Contact Zone

The intent of the volume Early Modern Philippines, a Global Contact Zone is to publish a set of thematic texts that grasp the different levels of the dynamics that affected and changed the Philippine Archipelago in the Early Modern period. Its seminal concept emerged in the International Seminar that took place in Lisbon in March 2019, where this theme was extensively debated by a group of academics.

The volume comprises  a set of articles from 16 researchers and scholars:

  • Ambeth Ocampo
  • Antonio García-Abásolo
  • Bernard Lavallé
  • Clotilde Jacquelard
  • Elsa Penalva
  • Felice Noelle Rodriguez
  • Guadalupe Pinzón Ríos
  • Guillaume Gaudin
  • Jean-Noël Sanchez
  • José Manuel Garcia
  • Joshua Batts
  • Kevin Carreira Soares
  • Mark Dizon
  • Miguel Rodrigues Lourenço
  • Rafael Valladares
  • Ubaldo Iaccarino

The volume is to be edited by Paulo Jorge de Sousa Pinto, from the Working Group. A draft proposal has been submitted to Ateneo de Manila Press and the publication is scheduled to 2023.